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Zagreb, Croatia’s capital and largest city, is a vibrant and culturally rich destination with plenty to offer. But beyond the city’s bustling streets and historic sites, there are numerous day trip opportunities that allow you to explore the beauty and diversity of the surrounding region. In this blog, we will take you on a journey to discover the best day trips from Zagreb, where you can immerse yourself in nature, history, and charming towns.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Just a two-hour drive from Zagreb lies one of Croatia’s most famous natural wonders—Plitvice Lakes National Park. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a breathtaking oasis of cascading waterfalls, turquoise lakes, and lush forests. Follow the well-marked trails that wind through the park and marvel at the stunning beauty at every turn. Take a boat ride across the largest lake, Kozjak, and hike to the highest point in the park for panoramic views. Plitvice Lakes National Park is a paradise for nature lovers and a must-visit destination for anyone staying in Zagreb.


Located a short distance southwest of Zagreb, the charming town of Samobor is a delightful day trip destination. Known for its picturesque streets, colorful buildings, and delicious traditional pastries, Samobor offers a tranquil escape from the city. Take a leisurely walk through the town’s main square, Trg kralja Tomislava, and visit the iconic Samobor Castle. Indulge in Samobor’s famous kremšnita—a cream cake that is a local specialty—and savor the flavors of this charming town.

Trakošćan Castle

For a taste of Croatia’s history and architectural splendor, venture to Trakošćan Castle, located approximately an hour and a half north of Zagreb. This fairytale-like castle sits on a hill overlooking a serene lake and is surrounded by lush parkland. Explore the castle’s interiors, which have been preserved to reflect the aristocratic lifestyle of the past. Stroll through the castle grounds, enjoy a picnic by the lake, or hike through the nearby forests. Trakošćan Castle is a captivating destination that will transport you back in time.


Known as “Little Vienna” for its Baroque architecture and elegant charm, Varazdin is a cultural gem that is easily accessible from Zagreb. Just an hour’s drive to the north, this picturesque town boasts beautifully preserved buildings, vibrant squares, and a rich historical heritage. Visit the iconic Varazdin Castle, wander through the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, and explore the city’s numerous museums and galleries. Varazdin is also famous for its annual Baroque music festival, which attracts musicians and music lovers from around the world.

Medvednica Mountain

For an outdoor adventure close to the city, head to Medvednica Mountain, located on the northern outskirts of Zagreb. This nature park offers a range of activities for outdoor enthusiasts. Hike to the summit of Sljeme, the highest peak in the area, and enjoy panoramic views of the city. During the winter months, Medvednica transforms into a popular skiing destination with several ski slopes. The mountain is also dotted with picturesque hiking trails, mountain biking routes, and picnic spots, providing a refreshing escape from the urban hustle and bustle.


Step back in time and visit the charming village of Kumrovec, nestled in the Zagorje region. Kumrovec is known for being the birthplace of Josip Broz Tito, the former president of Yugoslavia, and is now an open-air museum that showcases life in the region during the early 20th century. Walk through the village’s traditional houses, explore the exhibits that depict the rural way of life, and learn about the fascinating history of the area. Kumrovec offers a unique glimpse into Croatia’s past and is an enriching day trip option from Zagreb.

Samoborsko Gorje

Nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts will find paradise in Samoborsko Gorje, a mountainous region just west of Zagreb. With its dense forests, hiking trails, and picturesque landscapes, this area is perfect for a day of exploration and adventure. Lace up your hiking boots and embark on a trek through the pristine wilderness, or rent a bike and cycle along the scenic routes. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the medieval ruins of Samobor Castle and soak in the serenity of this nature-filled retreat.

While Zagreb offers a wealth of attractions and cultural experiences, the surrounding region beckons with its natural beauty, historical sites, and charming towns. From the enchanting Plitvice Lakes National Park to the Baroque elegance of Varazdin, each day trip from Zagreb promises a unique and memorable experience. So, when planning your visit to Croatia’s capital, make sure to carve out time to venture beyond the city limits and discover the wonders that await you just a short drive away.