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Mamaia, the beautiful resort town situated along Romania’s Black Sea coast, offers a wealth of attractions and activities to explore. Whether you’re venturing to the stunning beaches, indulging in the vibrant nightlife, or discovering the surrounding natural wonders, it’s essential to know the best ways to get around. In this blog, we’ll provide you with transportation tips and local insights to help you navigate Mamaia and make the most of your visit.


Mamaia’s compact size and pedestrian-friendly layout make walking one of the most enjoyable ways to get around. Many of the main attractions, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance of each other, especially along the Marine Promenade. Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade, breathe in the sea air, and explore the charming streets of Mamaia on foot.

Local Buses

Mamaia is well connected by a network of local buses that can take you to various parts of the town and its surroundings. Look for buses marked with “Mamaia” or “Constanta” on their destination signs. The bus stops are easily recognizable, and you can consult the bus schedule or ask locals for assistance. Be sure to have small change or a prepaid travel card handy to purchase tickets on board.

Taxis and Rideshare Services

Taxis are readily available in Mamaia, and they offer a convenient way to travel, especially if you’re carrying luggage or want to reach specific destinations quickly. Look for authorized taxis with company logos and make sure the meter is turned on. It’s advisable to ask for an estimated fare or check with locals for an idea of typical taxi prices to avoid being overcharged.

Alternatively, rideshare services like Uber and Bolt are also available in Mamaia. Simply download the respective apps on your smartphone and request a ride. These services often offer competitive rates and provide a reliable transportation option.

Car Rental

If you plan to explore beyond Mamaia and venture into the surrounding areas, renting a car can provide you with the flexibility to do so. Several car rental agencies operate in Mamaia, and you can book in advance or inquire at local offices. Keep in mind that traffic and parking can be challenging during peak tourist seasons, so plan accordingly.

Bicycles and Scooters

Mamaia’s flat terrain and scenic coastal paths make it an ideal destination for cycling enthusiasts. Several rental shops offer bicycles and scooters for visitors to explore the town and its surroundings at their own pace. Ride along the beachfront or explore the quieter areas nearby while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

Boat Trips

To experience Mamaia from a different perspective and explore the Black Sea, consider taking a boat trip. Boat tours and excursions are available from Mamaia, allowing you to discover nearby attractions such as the Danube Delta or simply enjoy a leisurely cruise along the coastline. Check with local tour operators for schedules, routes, and pricing.

Local Insights:

  • Keep in mind that Mamaia can get quite crowded during the peak summer season, so plan your transportation accordingly and allow extra time for travel.
  • Engage with locals, such as hotel staff, restaurant owners, or tourism information centers, for the most up-to-date transportation tips and insights. They can provide valuable recommendations and insider knowledge.
  • When walking or cycling, stay hydrated and wear sunscreen, especially during the hot summer months. It’s always a good idea to have a map or a navigation app handy to ensure you stay on the right path.

Getting around Mamaia is a breeze with the various transportation options available. Whether you choose to walk, take public buses, use rideshare services, or explore on two wheels, you’ll find a convenient and enjoyable way to navigate the town and its surroundings. So, embrace the adventure, discover the hidden gems of Mamaia, and create unforgettable memories as you explore this beautiful coastal destination.